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Marah’s Symposia, Press, and other Events

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  • October 2017 – PMI Global Congress – an interactive workshop exploring Tuckman Stages of team development
  • June 2017 – Agile Kendall – a primer on Agile Game Design
  • June 2017 – ProductCamp Boston: Inclusive Design – Examining Bias through the Business Model Canvas
  • April 2017 – Agile New England: Agile Games Conference – on Improv and Teams


  • – Project Management Subject Matter Expert for Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) – Agile for Organization Management – it’s not just for software anymore
  • – Training Provider for Product and Project Management
  • Titanium Cobra – PMP Bootcamp Leader


  • Interviewed by Scientific American at Maker Faire
  • Interviewed by PM Network for April 09 issue
  • Interviewed by Asbury Park Press on communicating great ideas
  • PMP Conferred 2005, renewed 2009
  • ACM : Multimedia: day long panel on interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Beyond 2000, Discovery Channel, Digital Classrooms
  • Presenter @140Conf NYC hosted by Jeff Pulver
  • New Jersey Star Ledger’s Tech Magazine:“The Arts and Communications Technology”
  • Organizer Collaborative – Grass Roots Use of Technology conferences
  • Springboard Panelist


  • National Endowment for the Arts – Multidisciplinary Grants and Policy Review Panel, a division of the Creation and Presentation category
  • NYC Mayoral Sub-Committee on Digital Art and Industry in Manhattan, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Member of the Technology Grants panel
  • The Ford Foundation Symposium on Art and Technology Corporate Partnership
  • COSIGN: Panelist
  • ISAS/SCI Paper: Paper “Montage: Applications of Scalable Multipoint Audio and Video using the Public Internet”
  • Video News Release for Agora Interactive Video Game Kiosk + Multiparty Video Conferencing.
  • CNN Future Watch features Video Conferencing and Theatre
  • Wired OnLine – Yale and Bell Labs
  • Interview with CBC Canada (radio) about computer crime.
  • Interviewed for Cybermania, a production for TNT.
  • Gannet Papers feature Binghamton University Distance Learning and Virtual Classrooms Bravo documentary on Digital/Distance Learning
  • Gannet Papers: CyberSpeare Village Voice feature CyberSpeare and TGSRT

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26 January 2009 at 10:47 pm

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