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In February I checked out a workshop hosted by Scott Belsky, CEO and founder of Behance.  The company describes its mission as “a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen”. Given that I think of myself as a creative person, and a project manager, I was very interested in learning more about Behance, and about the topic of choice this evening – Harnessing Communal Forces.

This very intimate 2 hour workshop was filled with insights and new vocabulary for things I already knew – for example, they contextualize people into  “dreamer” and “doer”  categories, and talk about the necessary relationship/partnership between the two.  In some of my experience, that’s been delineated as The Business and IT (a very dangerous distinction if you draw it right down the middle)  or The Client and The Consultant (again a slippery slope).  What was new here, was the idea that there are also people who sit in between –  “incrementalists” – a little bit of both.

A lot like me!

I didn’t like the term, but I appreciated the recognition that sometimes life isn’t always one-or-the-other.

My biggest takeaway from the session is to identify in my project which way I’m leaning, Dreamer or Doer,  and take steps to ensure that I pair with someone or a group who can help keep balance in the project.  The suggestion of creating and leveraging an intentional circle or group to ensure project success was also fantastic.

After all, nothing significant ever gets done alone.  A co-worker of mine had that quote on her wall, and I always loved it’s sentiment.

For more about Scott’s upcoming book, click here.


Written by marahrosenberg

20 February 2010 at 12:45 am

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