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Social Media Jungle : NYC

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Jeff Pulver @SMJNYC

Jeff Pulver @SMJNYC

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend Social Media Jungle NYC.  Huddled on the lower level of New York Spaces, a great and diverse grouping of individuals came together to share and discuss all things social media.  Given the advent of twitter, that shadowed a large number of the presentations.

However, social media is social media, and we’ve been leveraging communications technologies for being a social species as long as there has been technologies to leverage.   The talks that I enjoyed most involved looking beyond the technologies, and more toward the message.

To that end, Jeremy Epstein gave a great lead off talk about the future of marketing to customers and consumers.  He reminded us that we are all in a brave new economy –  attention.   Getting people to pay attention is our most valuable and scarce resource… and despite his laryngitis, he had me at hello…

The technological historian in me completely enjoyed Howard Greenstein and Dean Landsman talk about conquering the 3 screen world – tv, computer, smartphone, and how Media Evolves. They also reminded us that participation is key to evolution.

Roger Toennis spoke about how the use of this technology will drive personal and group evolution, self organizing systems and furthermore, how social media drives self organizing networks, that form opportunities and long term job creation.  He’s working on a Civilian Innovation Corps to bring people together with complementary skills to do meaningful and interesting work.

Christine from Purple Car reminded us that when communicating, (regardless of the medium) that we should remember who is the audience, and what they are accustomed to hearing. This reminded me of a workshop I took at the Center for Creative Leadership on Myers Briggs and communications styles.

All in all a great day, loved meeting new faces, and getting my head stuffed full of ideas… especially Jeff Pulver, who lead us all off talking about his 5000 facebook friends experience, and how he’s developed a terms of service for being a “digital friend”. Since facebook caps the friends experience at 5,000, and Jeremy’s already demonstrated that attention is one of our nation’s scarcest resources, it’s about as good of an idea as any in this brave new world.


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20 March 2009 at 10:06 pm

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