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Marah Rosenberg, PMP, PMI-ACP, SAFe, is a certified project manager with Fortune 500 experience. Ms. Rosenberg works with companies to design and deliver new technologies.  An early pioneer of VoIP/Video and Unified Communications, her projects have spanned a variety of vertical markets, including Health Care, Retail, Hospitality, Education and Personal Finance.  An expert in managing projects with matrix, virtual and international teams, Rosenberg has been interviewed by PMNetwork on these topics, and is a PMI Global Congress Presenter.

Their background includes managing across the entire product management lifecycle, from idea research through technology development. Ms. Rosenberg has worked in software and hardware design realization, as well as marketing/communications, logistics and operations.

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Strategic Project Consulting
Do you have a project you’ve been dreaming about but can’t get started or finished? Work with Marah on a program where you will interactively define the mission of your project, and determine the goals and action steps needed to achieve them.

“Marah has one of the most strategic minds of anyone I’ve ever encountered – her ability to peer through complexity and focus on what is necessary is unprecedented”

– Tracy Kronzak

“Marah is able to manage environments and projects with multiple stakeholders who held very different priorities with grace and poise, and had a particular knack for organizational and strategic thinking around process”

– Colette Alexander @Girl Scouts USA

Ensure Program and Project Success
Learn new ways to define requirements, create key milestones, stay accountable, and manage risk throughout your project. Find out about how to prevent scope creep and keeping the ball rolling uphill.

“Marah’s insights and analysis helped our organization effectively navigate through complex situations and build credibility with our stakeholders. If you’re looking to grow your organization and innovate, Marah will help you get there!”

– Beth Collins, Macmillan PMO

“Marah is a talented, compassionate program manager who has great skill in helping stakeholders find appropriate resolutions to issues to drive to mission-oriented deliverables”

– Sasha Freese, Cengage Learning

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15 September 2011 at 8:41 pm